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The Academy of Distinguished Teachers was founded in 2005 to recognize the accomplishments of outstanding teachers among the UCR faculty and to provide a range of services to help other UCR faculty members to improve their work in the classroom.    The guiding philosophy of the Academy is that the campus succeeds only to the extent that its seeks excellence in teaching, research, and service.  Efforts to develop teaching excellence are particularly important in research universities, where so much professional recognition depends on research accomplishments.  

Members of the Academy serve as teaching mentors for new faculty and contribute to the culture of teaching by organizing and taking part in seminars, colloquia, and workshops. The Academy designs and produces the Scholarship of Teaching seminars.  It also reviews teaching-related initiatives and grant proposals from members of the campus community.  The Office of Undergraduate Education provides administrative support for and oversight of the Academy.  The Academy serves as an advisory group to the Provost on issues related to teaching excellence.   Please explore this website to find Academy-sponsored events and Academy services that are relevant to your pursuit of excellence in the classroom.

Academy of Distinguished Teachers membership is determined via deliberations of the Academy, drawing from lists of Senate Distinguished Teaching Award winners, Innovative Teaching Award winners, college-level award winners, education awards from professional societies, campus graduate mentorship awards, undergraduate research sponsorship awards, and other recognitions. The Academy's view is that candidates have already been vetted by one or more competitions and we have the privilege of further recognizing these amazing colleagues.

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