Active Members

Stephanie Dingwall
Associate Professor of Teaching 

  (951) 827-3609


Ward Beyermann
Ward Beyermann
Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy

  (951) 827-3947


John Briggs
John Briggs
Professor of English

  (951) 827-7759


Matthew Casselman
Matthew Casselman 
Associate Professor of Teaching

 (951) 827-4872


Margarita C Curras-Collazo
Associate Professor of Neuroscience

 (951) 827-3960


Annie Stanfield Ditta
Annie Stanfield Ditta
Assistant Professor of Teaching in Psychology

  (951) 827-5384


Jack Eichler
Jack Eichler
Professor of Teaching in Chemistry 

  (951) 827-3794


Mona Eskandari
Mona Eskandari
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

 (951) 827-9160


Kyle H Ingram
William H. Grover
Associate Professor

 (951) 827-4311


Kyle Ingram Photo
Kyle Ingram
Assistant Professor of Teaching in Management

 (951) 827-5293


Bree Lang
Associate Professor of Teaching in Economics

  (951) 827-1469


Matthew Lang
Associate Professor of Teaching in Economics

  (951) 827-1468


Juliette Levy
Associate Professor of History

 (951) 827-6492


Ye Li
Ye Li
Associate Professor of Management

 (951) 827-3694


Goldberry Long 
Associate Professor of Teaching in Creative Writing

  (951) 827-5421


cathy Lussier
Cathy Lussier 
Associate Professor of Teaching in Education

 (951) 827-8850


Morris Maduro
Morris Maduro
Professor of Biology

  (951) 827-7196


Carolyn Murray
Professor of  Psychology

 (951) 827-5293


annika speer profile picture
Annika Speer
Professor of Teaching, Theatre, Film, and Digital Production

 (951) 827-5568


UCR Academy of Distinguished Teachers (2007 - present)

  • Ashmore, Wendy (Anthropology, Deceased)
  • Axelrod, Stephen (English)
  • Beyermann, Ward (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Briggs, English (English)
  • Canalizo, Gabriela (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Cardullo, Richard (Biology)*
  • Cranor, Carl (Philosophy)
  • Curras-Collazo, Margarita (Cell, Molecular, and Systems Biology)
  • DiMatteo, Robin (Psychology, Retired)*
  • Eichler, Jack (Chemistry)
  • Elliot, Emory (English, Deceased)*
  • Ghosh, Subir (Statistics)
  • Holt, Jodie (Botany and Plant Sciences, Retired)
  • Hyman, Brad (Biology, Retired)
  • Jury, William (Earth Sciences)*
  • Speer, Annika (Teaching, Theatre, Film, and Digital Production)

* Legacy members

  • Link, Perry (Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages)*
  • Long, Goldberry (Creative Writing)
  • Lyons, Paul (School of Medicine)
  • Maduro, Morris (Cell, Molecular, and Systems Biology)
  • Marsella, Michael (Chemistry, Retired)
  • Murray, Carolyn (Psychology)
  • Nothnagel, Eugene (Botany and Plant Sciences, Retired)*
  • Paine, Timothy (Entomology)
  • Rudolph, Conrad (History of Art)
  • Schiller, Neal (Biomedical Sciences, Retired)*
  • Walker, Ameae (Biomedical Sciences)*
  • Wessler, Susan (Botany and Plant Sciences)
  • Wu, Yenna (Comparative Literature and Languages)*
  • Yates, Marylynn (Environmental Sciences, Retired)*
  • Zordan, Victor (Computer Sciences, Retired)